Why Facebook is the Ultimate Social Networking Platform for Sales

Every company that has its own Facebook page active knows that it is an excellent way to capture leads, and therefore, increases the opportunities to close more sales. However, the numerous algorithm changes that this social network has presented have meant that we have to continuously innovate our recruitment campaigns and tricks to grow a community with the best practices in community management.

Despite this, they are worthwhile challenges. As its creator Mark Zuckerberg recently announced, 1 in 7 people in the world (specifically 1 billion users) connect to this social network every day. With these figures, which company can resist investing in Facebook?

A good online strategy focused on sales consists of obtaining more business opportunities connecting with our target thanks to a correct interaction with them and an exemplary engagement. For this reason, Facebook is a fundamental support tool for commercial teams of any size. Now, once convinced that this social network is a good option to generate sales, how can I get the most out of it? With the features that we will show below, the conversion rate can be improved.

Well Segmented Target Audience

It is vital to focus on the sector that really interests us, what is the point of attracting a user to whom our product is not aimed? Before worrying about content management, positioning yourself, or generating more traffic to the web, it is more important to deal with a strategy based on the behavior of the target we intend to address. For this, we must pay special attention to the questions, suggestions, complaints, habits … of our potential clients, as well as that of our competitors, within the social network.

Aware of this, Facebook offers a section called statistics, where we can have access to useful metrics such as demographic data of our fans, the scope of our publications and even an observation page where you can compare the performance of your account, with that of Your competitors

Awakens User Interest in your Product

In previous posts, we already commented on the relevance of adding value to what we sell. Facebook will be a unique portal to publicize our product and add notoriety. According to the study of the American company specialized in digital marketing service, 62% of users resort to some type of social media before opting for a product.

With these data on the table, they are increasingly autonomous, SMEs, and, obviously, large companies that decide to support their sales teams through social networks. A commercial will have a good part of the work done if the client has had a good feeling probed the product through Facebook.

Directs your Leads to the Sales Funnel

A lead is a person who has provided their contact information through the form of a landing page; this user can be considered as a potential customer. Obtaining it through social networks is one of the most widespread practices among companies. There are numerous strategies to follow, however, all of them have something in common; To get a user to offer us their valuable data, we will have to offer something in return. The more focused it is to the user’s needs and the more exclusive what we offer, the more and better leads we will get.

Once these quality leads have been obtained, it is essential to contact them as quickly as possible. The most common practices are cold calls or through commercial email. To know more about these two commercial tools, you can click on the following links where we talk about these topics in more detail.

Don’t Waste your Time, Start Closing Sales

Once we have these points developed according to the needs of our company, the growth of the sales rate will soon be visible. Keep in mind that magic formulas do not exist, so the best possible start-up is through trial and error.

What is clear is that Facebook, considered among the 50 largest companies in the world according to the Cinco Días medium, and with more than 1,490 million active users, is a business opportunity that every company should at least value.

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