Why Are Marketers Crazy About Buying Facebook Likes

Is it worth buying 1000 new likes for your Facebook fan page? Will you get success overnight and that too for a modest amount? Let’s find out.

Buying likes on Facebook, at first, may seem like good business that only improves your chances of getting successful but experts have observed otherwise. As many have tried and tested, this action does more than good to your Facebook page and can eventually destroy your day to day results.

Despite the apparent benefits offered by “like” sellers, such as the promise that all these likes come from real people, some even “volunteers,” reality shows that paying to increase the amount of your fans on Facebook can be a real disaster.

First of all, where do those likes come from?

Some sites offer packages with more than 5000 likes, which appear on your page as if by magic in a matter of days. The process is pretty simple – People pay a small amount for the package (depending on the number of likes they want) and watch the numbers increase on their Facebook page. The real question is, who are these people and where do they come from?

What do sellers have to say about their packages?
According to the facebook ads companies that provide Facebook Likes, these are real people. However, little information is provided when you signup.

What are their ages?

  • What city do they live in?
  • What do they like?
  • Are they men or women?

This is the fundamental data that every marketer needs to know in order to build a qualified audience, most of which is ignored by the companies that sell likes.

“But after all, what’s wrong with buying likes? I will increase the number of likes anyway, right? Why does it matter where my audience comes from? ”

This is where you’re wrong. Reaching the right audience is everything since this is how you’ll sell your service or product. Engaging with the wrong audience will cost you money and eventually, your business.

Quantity vs. Quality

The problem with buying likes from people of whom you don’t have any information will seriously damage the levels of participation on your page. In the end, it is precisely this participation that really matters, since these people will become your leads and prospects. Imagine a situation in which a company offers products exclusively to the female audience and the “likes” you buy have an audience of mostly men. Not only are you compromising your business but your reputation which is crucial to build customer loyalty.

In this way, by paying for complete strangers to like your page, you will increase the number of likes but not participation itself. Let’s understand participation as:

  • Comments
  • Likes on photos
  • shares

And much more actions that adds value to your fan page.

Involving a completely unknown audience will result in the failure of the scope of your publications. This means that, despite the high number of likes on the page, fewer and fewer people, especially real fans, will be watching the content you publish. This is because of Facebook’s algorithms that define which link will appear in the timeline, prioritizing only those with higher levels of participation with your Facebook page.

And if this is not a sufficient reason to give up the idea of ​​buying fake likes, there is still another disastrous consequence for this type of action. As you do not know who these people are, there is a risk that some of these people may not like your content and report your page. Remember, Facebook criteria is very strict when it comes to page scores. You shouldn’t do anything that can jeopardize your business or people associated with it.

And what about real fans?

This is another important question you should ask yourself before considering buying likes for your page. When you pay a stranger and make them a part of your network, you automatically allow them to interact in the way they deem appropriate. With this, your page can begin to receive a significant amount of likes, comments and shares in the contents that are not necessarily in the interest of your real fans.

In time, you will notice a significant change in certain publications, as some will be having more success than others. As you do not know that these interactions are from purchased fans, it will be easy to believe that it is in this type of content that you must invest to have more participation. And this leads to disaster. Your real fans may not like those posts and they will have less and less interest on your page.

Can fans not end up liking the page?

Of course, finally, nothing is impossible. But the chances of this happening is very remote. Since you have no control or filter over these people or know what their basic interests are.

Therefore, if the ultimate goal of your company to have created and invested in a Facebook page was to disseminate its products or services and convert the attention of fans into sales, do not count on those likes purchased for this. Remember again the previous case of products for the female audience. Men who have a like on the page may even like the contents, however, they will never be customers of the company.

What to do then?

The answer to this is the simplest: to work daily to create a solid fan base. This will take time and is much more difficult than buying instant likes. It is better to have few, but good followers than a large number of people who have no interest in your brand.

  • Buy likes
  • Relevant and quality content
  • Constantly updated
  • Evaluation of results
  • Relationship with page fans

 These points cited, are able to take any page to be a real success on Facebook and without buying likes.

 Now it’s just a matter of working to see results, even little by little. Even so, these will be much more concrete and effective than any immediate and not necessarily cheap alternative to the company’s image.

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