What Leads to a Banned Ad Account and How to Get it Back?

One of the most annoying experiences of managing an ad account by Facebook is getting banned.

Now the reason for getting banned could be many. It doesn’t necessarily have to be malpractice on your part.

Let’s look at what happens when (for whatever) reason an Ad-account is banned. You will receive either of the two messages.

Your account stands disabled and that all running ads have been brought to a halt. It could be because you violated the Facebook Ads Account’s Terms of Use. For further queries refer to our advertising guidelines, etc.

That’s just the gist of their message.

In a nutshell, the other message you end up with goes something like,

Due to unusual activity on your part, your ad account has been flagged and thus, paused. It is done keeping in light the security of your account. Contact Facebook to get going again.

What to do?

The best course of action under such circumstances is to contact the Facebook chat and seek their help. Try digging in, as to what may have led to this ban. It may be that your account won’t get reinstated right away. Don’t give up. Keep at it. There are instances where it took people up to five attempts before their accounts were restored.

However, if nothing else works, the only workaround is to set up a new ad account.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Reach out to a reliable friend, family or a coworker.
  2. Visit that individual in person so that you are on a different IP address.
  3. Since it’s your personal ad account that got banned, they’ll be able to open up for you a Business Manager Account.
  4. Now attach your ad account to the Business Manager.
  5. Create a new Facebook business page for yourself.
  6. Seek a new form of payment – a different debit or credit card.
  7. The person you are visiting, ask them to make you the admin of that page so you can exercise full administrative control.
  8. You just might have to direct your attention to landing pages which are on a different domain because you can no longer run ads on the previous domain where you were banned.

What you need to bear in mind with this procedure is, although, you are the admin for this page, the ad account is now technically owned by your trusted friend or whomever. Truth be told, there is no way for you to get your personal ad account back.

One must ask, “What if I were to set up a new Facebook profile?” Well, doing so is against the Terms of Service. So yeah, there’s that.

How to transfer ads to another ad account?

The process can be overwhelming for someone who is new so bear with us as we try to explain the process of moving ads to a new ad account on Facebook. It’s divided into two phases, Export and Import.

  1. Visit Ads Manager.
  2. There you will see your list of ad accounts (in case where you have more than one)
  3. Copy an ad from your preferred ad account.
  4. Choose your ads from the navigational pane.
  5. Tick checkboxes against each ad that you wish to copy.
  6. Select Export from the dropdown menu and choose Selected.
  7. An Excel file will be downloaded to your system.
  8. When you open the excel file clear all the columns with the exception of three namely; Campaign ID, Ad Set ID, Ad ID.
  9. Save the new modified version of the file to your PC.

At this point in time, you have only exported the list of ads that you will be copying to another ad account from an existing account. Ready for phase two? Read on.

  1. Go to Ads Manager again.
  2. Now choose the ad account to which you aim to copy the ad(s).
  3. On the navigational sidebar, select the number of ads you want copied.
  4. Click on the Export dropdown and choose Ads therein.
  5. Browse to the location where you saved the Excel file in step 9, phase one (above).
  6. Select and hit Import.
  7. An overview of your imported file will be displayed. Make sure to go through to account for any errors it might have. Address them before proceeding.
  8. Choose Review and Publish.
  9. Tick boxes next to your ads and press Publish. Voila! You have successfully imported your ads.
  10. If you face errors during this process, hit Fix Error which will automatically resolve them for you.

You’re welcome.

What can lead to a banned account?

It could be due to unsettled or pending payments, for starters. In simple words, Facebook is unable to process your outstanding amount. Therefore, always make sure the payment methods selected on the ad account is up-to-date.

There could be voluntary reasons for banning your ad account. In this case, there are not completely shut down instead are temporarily deactivated. If there is an outstanding payment, once the amount is settled, the account is automatically restored.

Another set of reasons pertain to violation of Facebook’s best practices such as ads for dating, affiliate marketing program, farming for likes or make money online from home schemes, etc. The list also entails the promotion of a forwarded URL, the use of illegitimate ads coupon, operating multiple accounts with the said intent (running ads) and having a ton of disapproved ads from varying campaigns.

Tips to avoid getting banned

Following tips will come in handy:

  1. Ads testing is important. Perform a test run before going berserk with ads.
  2. Know the policies governing ads like the back of your hand.
  3. Have back-up accounts, preferably more than one administrator.
  4. Only have an active payment method on the account in use.
  5. Use a Bussiness Manager account instead of a personal one.
  6. Watch out for negative feedback on your ads and take it very seriously.
  7. Maintain a moderate frequency of ads being shown. Not too low. Not too high.
  8. Proofread ad copy and landing page before greenlighting the ad.

Don’t rush things. Take your time and the play around with say, risky ads and so on.

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