Top 10 Digital Advertising Tactics Every Marketer Should Know About

If you want your potential clients to find you, your company must have an online presence.

The importance of creating and using a digital marketing plan to support the digital transformation and growth of the company is required for the success of an Online Marketing strategy.

After all, the purpose of a digital marketing agency is to provide people with information that can solve their problems and help them make a decision. This is why it is a great deal to know your way around the digital medium since it directly affects your social presence and the opportunity to meet new clients.

Having a solid and professional presence on the internet is a great way for potential clients to find you. Here are the Top 10 Digital Advertising Tactics every marketer should know about:

  1. Your digital company should have a website.

Today, every business has a website, since this is the easiest way for people to search and know about you. Before you make your website, consider taking into account the size of your business, the money it makes, and the budget you can spend on the website. Personally, I always suggest that you hire a professional for its development and chose a WordPress based website. WordPress is one of the best content platforms in the market right now, but there are also very cheap and even free options where you can make a website for your business: WixWeebly or yola.

2. Optimize your website for mobile devices.

A website that does not look good on mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, etc. can hurt your business. Remember, missing out on customer visits can hurt the overall goals of your website since Google is already penalizing sites that are not mobile-oriented.

Make sure that the templates you use for your website are optimized for mobile phones; otherwise, do not forget to request this to the company that designs your website.

3. You must have the ability to create and share content.

If you want your business to be found, you must constantly share valuable information for the users on your website. This can be done either through social media, a blog, or video blog, but it is essential to keep your site moving.

Create social media accounts and use these platforms to share the content which will eventually become the asset through which you’ll be achieving your goals.

4. Create a prospecting tactic for your website.

The purpose of your website is not just to inform your users but also to identify potential customers. Create a strategy that involves a subscription incentive and converts visits into leads. An incentive depending on your type of business can be an ebook, report, free trial, course, coupons, or advice. Use your imagination, but offer something very attractive and unique to your customers; something that will intrigue them to leave their email.

5. Use Landing Pages to make your campaigns more attractive and effective.

Landing pages allow you to present valuable information to your potential customers in a single go. You can make these pages when you’re starting a campaign, whether it be for incentives or advertising.

You can design pages that focus on making your offer more attractive and unique since this is where the interested visitors land to leave their data and obtain the promised benefits.

6. Plan out email marketing campaigns.

Research your audience and product before selling it to your subscribers through email marketing campaigns. These email marketing campaigns help build trust in your brand. Use ESP (Email Service Provider) platforms so that every lead you capture goes to a list of prospects which can later be used for email marketing campaigns. I recommend using MailChimp because of its user-friendly features.

7. Social networks are the best vehicle to amplify your content.

Have a presence on social media platforms where you can highlight your brand and interact with your ideal market. Identify where your target market is and chose the platforms accordingly. It is important to choose the ones which can create an opportunity for your business to highlight its USPs (unique selling points.) Dedicate your time to managing and creating content since this is how you will reach the young crowd.

8. Your audience should be your number one priority.

Spending time on your networks to talk with your community and audience is what great marketers do to increase their business. It creates an environment of trust between potential customers and your business. You can use social media managers such as Hootsuite and Buffer to monitor, publish, and respond to your audiences from several social networks, all from one website.

9. Make attractive promotions on your social networks.

Creating contests, offers, or promotions exclusively for your communities in social networks encourages your audience’s participation and engagement. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin offer suitable proposals for advertising no matter what your objective is. There are contest sites that you can rely on for giveaways and promotions: or Contest Girl.

10. Create advertising campaigns in Adwords.

The truth is that in order to sell on the internet, your website must have a solid presence on search engines, namely It is recommended that you invest in your brand positioning through the segmented campaigns in Google Adwords. Depending on the type of business you’re running and the objective you are looking for, study the type of campaign that suits you best, but the clear objective should be to invest in your brand.

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