5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Using Instagram

We already know that Instagram played a huge part in the social media revolution, not only because of the speed at which it grows but also, because of how it manages to attract audience and new customers for brands. But if we think about marketing and promotion strategies, does it really deserve to use Instagram for small businesses or brands that have just been born? Strongly YES.

This is precisely what we are going to talk about in this article, in which we will show you 5 reasons why Instagram should be used in small businesses and some success stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of this social network to publicize your products or services and capture audience.

So if you just started with a small business or simply want to improve your online presence through social networks, what we are going to tell you then may interest you.

The Instagram reef for small businesses.

We are totally convinced that there are many reasons why your business should be present on Instagram.

We all know how difficult it is to start from scratch with any business, and even more when you have a very limited budget. At this point, it is more than clear that the Internet plays a key role in promoting any brand that is starting and that cannot invest thousands of euros in advertising.

That is why small business owners are increasingly aware that social networks are the perfect environment to start attracting the public and making themselves known without spending a single euro, simply by spending a little time each day. Within that environment, Instagram is consolidating itself as the perfect social network for brands and you, if you are in charge of such a business, you cannot afford to be absent from this social network.

Here are the main reasons that should push you to use Instagram in your small business:

  1. Competition. Having a presence on Facebook or Twitter is the first step of any business to make the leap to the online world. It is true that they are the two giants of social networks, but also where there is more competition.
    The number of users on Instagram is growing at an unstoppable pace, and yet, there is still a large percentage of companies that are not taking advantage of it. With which, take advantage of this great advantage to make your business gain a place on Instagram.
  2. Tremendously active. It is no longer about getting more user interactions with Instagram, comparing it to other social networks, but it is also by far the best platform to get users to share their experiences using your products simply by publishing a video or a photo with the brand hashtag. Simply inspire an action that encourages them to do so.
    A great example of this, although in this case, it is a great consolidation brand, would be that of  @ Nike running and its campaign in which it encourages people to share their experiences running through the hashtag #runfree.
  3. Visibility. Unlike Facebook and its EdgeRank algorithm with which it decides who your posts are shown (and that increasingly hides them more), on Instagram the thing is much simpler so that when you publish something, your photos or videos will be displayed in the feed of all your followers. And when we say all, it’s all. Which means that with the same number of followers on both social networks, your posts on Instagram reach much more public than on Facebook. And the same thing happens when you search for a hashtag.
  4. Location. Another of Instagram’s strengths for small businesses is the location function. Both the photo map and the synchronization with  Foursquare can help you promote your store. This last option has incredible potential since by sharing your Instagram photos on Foursquare, you will not only check in with the location of your business, but your photos will be shown to Foursquare users. It is a very effective way to take advantage of Instagram to attract customers to your physical location.
  5. Web content. Although Instagram is a mobile social network, that does not mean that you need to have the Instagram application installed on the phone happens to be able to see the publications of any profile. In case you did not remember, each Instagram profile has its web version that anyone, whether or not, has an Instagram account, can access from a browser. But in addition, Instagram also allows you to insert posts, whether videos or photos, on any web page, simply by pasting a code. The latter is, without a doubt, the most interesting thing, and since the profile of your business is public, you allow other websites to insert your Instagram posts on their pages, linking to your profile.

Success stories of small businesses on Instagram.

Who said Instagram only worked for big brands? Here are several examples of how small businesses have managed to create a large Instagram community that creates day by day.

  • Shwood. A young company that manufactures wooden frames for handmade glasses.
  • Mission Bicycle. It is a San Francisco company, which is dedicated to assembling bicycles on request.
  • Almond Surfboards. A small company formed by a group of friends and dedicated to the artisan manufacture of surfboards.
  • Folk Fibers. Two young girls who have set up a business around the manufacture of quilts made with 100% natural fabrics and dyes.
  • Warby Parker. Formed by a group of 4 friends,  Warby Parker is a company dedicated to the hand-made manufacturer of vintage-style prescription glasses. Precisely this company is often cited as an example of inspiration to use Instagram in small businesses.

This is just a small example of the best-known success stories, but there are certainly hundreds of them.

All these companies have something in common, and they have been able to squeeze the full potential of Instagram to capture public and publicize their work and their products. In fact, all of them have been mentioned in the Instagram blog as a clear example of how to use this platform to promote your small business. So this is just another incentive to encourage you to use Instagram and who knows if your business is the one mentioned in your blog soon.

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