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How We Helped A Dentist To Get 201 Leads From Facebook Ads


An astounding 9x ROAS in just 3 months


We on-boarded this Jewelry client a few months ago.


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Our first task after taking on a client that was already running ads is to analyse what their past performance was like. We noticed that their CPA was way above what the client was looking for, their ROAS was not more than 1.5x and that was on a good day and after a thorough audit of the account we also found out targeting issues and optimization issue. The Conversion objective was set for add to carts and when you have just a three step funnel, the conversion objective should always be set for purchases. As the audience was seeded very poorly. At the best, they were getting AddToCarts and almost negligible purchases.

In Summary: The account had huge potential for improvements in targeting, especially fixing was required for countries being targeted, setting correct conversion objective, and there were several other areas that needed improvement.

So for the next step, weI set a target for ourselves. Short, simple and sweet; Seed the correct audience, lower the CPA and get the ROAS to increase so that we can move towards the next goal which was to scale.

What we did?

☝️ We ran a single product video ads first to get engagement/social proofing (The target was to populate the customer video views audience to re-target as warm audience.)

☝️ The final goal was to get purchase from all over the world, but for a start, we started to go for performing countries. So we shortlisted a few countries, based on previous data and some general research.

☝️ Then we ran a re-targeting campaign based on video views with carousel/catalogue ads.

☝️ Targeted Lookalike of video views and page views from 0% to 3%.

☝️ Ran Carousel Ads to target Website Visitors.

☝️ Ran AddtoCart 90, 30, 7, 3 days. These were all run in different ad-sets with different variations of ad-copies.

☝️ For cold audience, I researched about the interests that would suit for this kind of product and used audience insight tool to gather some data. Based on that, we targeted a good portion of cold audience in these countries.

☝️ We ran these ad-sets and campaigns for almost 3 weeks, with some little tweaks during this time. WE duplicated high-performing ad-sets with a higher budget, shut down low-performing ad-sets, kept trying different new cold audiences within the same budget and also optimized ad-sets. So for this period testing, optimizing and scaling was an everyday job for us.

☝️ After this testing period, we did the transition to CBO. The strategy was simple, yet effective; One CBO campaign for each 3-winning ad-sets.

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