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How We Helped A Dentist To Get 201 Leads From Facebook Ads





Conversion Rate

40% Growth 150%


The client is based in United States. Their average cost per visit is around $290.They want to generate  leads through Facebook ads.


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THE Challenges

👉 The client did not have the kind of time to focus on his Google rank and SEO.

👉 The client wanted some immediate results.

👉 We advised that facebook ads was a quick solution for them.

👉 The client had a poor experience with a previous agency so he was almost broke and did not have enough budget to spend on advertising.

👉 We had to settle with a low budget. That was a challenge for our team.

What we did?

☝️ Our Focus was to generate more leads and set up appointment as much as we can with a nominal budget.

☝️ We worked on the landing pages where we tweaked the content a little bit and created a lead magnet with an offer of Free checkup for a Limited Time.

☝️ We setup custom event tracking on Landing pages just to be sure that we don’t miss any valuable data.

☝️ We did an Audience research and target people according to the postal code that are close to the clinic.

☝️ We created two different campaigns, one was Facebook Lead gen and second one was collecting leads through Landing page.

☝️ We setup the three different email sequences to make sure that we are providing them a qualified leads.

☝️ We created a different campaign to re-target all the website visitors and viewed content and excluded the lead audience from re-targeting.


The Results

✔️ We succeeded and started getting qualified leads in just $9.

✔️ We brought 201 leads with a conversion rate of 40%.

✔️ We gave them 150% growth within a month.

Our Hard work paid off. The client renew his contract for one year and also increased the advertising spending amount for us.

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