Facebook Ads for Chiropractor

How We Helped A Chiropractor To Get $1.3 CPL From Facebook Ads





Time Frame

1 Week


  • Category: Facebook Ads
  • Niche: Retail
  • Client: Chiropractor
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THE Challenges

👉 The Chiropractor was looking for some new customers.

👉 He didn’t have any lead generation strategy in place to get new customers.

👉 The client need some quick results to see how effective is advertising for them.

What we did?

☝️ We knew that chiropractic treatment was in demand and people were looking for the right chiropractor in the vicinity.

☝️ We kept it simple, we targeted people according to zones near clinic.

☝️ We created some amazing creatives and copies triggering the pain points of potential customers.

☝️ We used Facebook Lead Generation as campaign objective.

The Results

✔️ The Chiropractor received 117 new leads with a cost per lead $1.3. The client was able to convert 45%

✔️ This led to a 3 month extension in our agreement.

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