How to Make your Guidelines on Facebook

With the boom in social networks, large companies have opted to promote themselves through the Internet, as it has many advantages. Within this post, we will focus on the guidelines on Facebook: how they are made, what tools you need, and what are the best practices.

Facebook offers you countless tools for promotions to reach the right person at the right time. You just have to worry about making a great segmentation and creating high-quality material.

What is a guideline

A guideline is a way to promote yourself through the internet to increase the presence of a brand before your target audience and have a greater reach in general. It is very important that before doing anything, you establish your target audience or your buyer person.

The buyer persona is the semi-fictional representation of the ideal customer that your company has. You must provide him: name, age, position, where he lives what his challenges are, what his motivations are, how my company can help him, etc. From this information, you can build quality content.

You can promote yourself through search engines, social networks, blogs, mail, etc. Today we will focus on the guidelines on Facebook. With the acquisition of Instagram by the company of Mark Zuckerberg, they have unified the way to guide in both social networks. From Facebook ads, you can schedule both on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Guidelines

The vast majority of Facebook advertising is shown in the news section, next to your friends’ posts. That is, to hide them in your routine browsing, regardless of whether you are on a computer or a mobile device.

Facebook ads have two components: format and location. Let’s start by knowing the variety of formats:

Format of guidelines on Facebook


It is the simplest format; you must make clear what you are offering and convey the personality of your brand.

  • Try not to use a large amount of text, as the audience can be distracted.
  • Make sure people focus on one thing, that is, if you are going to advertise cups, put a picture of cups and make them attractive to the eye.
  • You must maintain a visual coherence in all the contemake; by this I mean that you must maintain the same line in all the graphic content that you are creating.
  • The high-resolution images are critical for the audience, and no one likes to see pixelated images that are not understood.
  • When you have your ad created, play with the different elements that your image has, colors, figures, etc., to analyze which ones are more useful to you.


This format allows you much more, and you can tell your story with moving images and sound. You can play with the variation, styles, etc. According to Facebook data, 78% of cellular data will be video by 2021,  With the technology already established in mobile devices, the new way of communicating is through video.

It doesn’t matter if your message is very long since this way of advertising allows you to transmit it. And within this format there are several subformats that you can use:

  • Short videos or gifs: This is a tool that is fast consumption, there are tools like that helps you upload the content.
  • Vertical video: This format allows users to stop in the videThisince it covers the full screen of the device. Here you must catch the user within the first seconds of the video so that it stays to see it complete.
  • Instagram stories: By getting more into Instagram, stories have revolutionized the way we communicate. These are reverse videos and capture the looks in a short vertical video that spans the entire screen. You must attract the user’s attention in less than 15 seconds. Now that Facebook also incorporated the stories to its platform, it allows you to have a much greater reach.


These types of ads help you to be closer to the prospects. It allows you to offer personalized attention to customers and know what their real needs are. When they click on the ad, they will be directed to the destination you have chosen. With the help of artificial intelligence and chatbots, you can generate a better customer service.


The sequence allows you to display 10 images or videos in a single ad. It gives us the freedom to show different products or specific details of one. Being able to display the client in 10 different images or videos allows us to tell a much more complex story.

Facebook optimizes the order of the images based on the performance of each of them when you tell a story make sure you remove this function


It is about combining movements, sound, and text, that is to say, that they are similar to those of video, but this one aims to share simple clips and to be able to tell your story in an attractive way for the user. This format is perfect for companies that do not have enough budget to make a whole production in relation to videos.

It allows you to create an immersive customer experience, as it allows you to simplify the necessary narrative for your company. It allows you to reach people with slow connections because it uses five times fewer mobile data.


These types of ads are ideal for online stores. It allows users to discover and buy different items of your eCommerce. Like the presentations, it gives the user a warm and enveloping experience when they are in contact with your company. You must choose the best items from your store. It is ideal for directing people to your website.


It’s time to update the way you present yourself to the public and innovate in the reach you have on Instagram and Facebook. It is important that you create quality content and that it is suitable for your guidelines on Facebook. Many times this social network denies being able to schedule any publication due to lack of quality in it. Have the design department make quality graphics for your fan page and meet the specifications of Facebook.

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