Facebook Messenger Marketing: How Facebook Messenger Can Help Grow Your Business Online

Thanks to the use of chatbots, Facebook Messenger marketing allows a more personalized service by the company and an innovative result for its customers. It is a land that is yet to be explored, but one that has great advantages under its sleeve.

Messenger Marketing is gradually becoming a trend. Several companies around the world are already using their services as a marketing tool. It is a concept that is yet to be fully discovered, but like always, the most skilled have already found a way to strengthen it.

Messenger Growth
Facebook Messenger has been growing steadily since 2014 – The year in which Facebook decided to create a different App that forced people who use this social network from the mobile, to download the Messenger itself in order to enjoy the option of Instant messaging. Thanks to this idea, Facebook Messenger became the second most used messaging application in 2018 (the first was WhatsApp.)

What is a chatbot?
To understand the concept of Messenger Marketing, it is necessary to understand that it is, after all, a  chatbot. It is a software through which you can have an active conversation, and the answers it provides can be in the form of text, images, or videos. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Chatbots also use artificial intelligence. The advantage of A.I. is that your answers and knowledge can improve over time. To utilize the concept of A.I., you will have to train it first (like a pet) before seeing the results get better on a higher level.

It can be used as technical support (for example, on the Banco Santander website, and in the Mobile App they have technical support as a chatbot in case you need to make a quick inquiry). It can also be used to make contests (after the contest is announced, the information of the winners is given out automatically). Companies use it to make reservations for clients (for example, hotels or medical consultations, without needing to depend on a form or automatic voicemail).

What is Messenger Marketing?
It is time to start talking about how Messenger Marketing is beginning to become a trend, although for now, it is a fairly unexplored path. Only a handful have discovered all the opportunities it has to offer.

Let us get down to the basics. Messenger Marketing is a way to send advertising through the platform of Facebook Messenger, which is a new way of advertising on digital marketing using a chatbot. It currently offers these advantages:

  • It used for delivering emails as promotions. It presents the possibility of advertising conversationally, where both the advertiser and the buyer have the option to interact and get a more personalized service.
  • In the case of promotional emails, the user is offered a lot of information in very little space. Most of the time, the client, tired of reading such dense messages ends up saturated and without providing any benefit to the company. In Messenger Marketing, the information is delivered in small details and through the chatbot. In this way, the user doesn’t feel like they’re being bombarded with information.
  • When you get a subscriber through Messenger Marketing, you have them in your logs forever. This does not happen with other chatbots, where you only have the client with you while they remain on your page. With Messenger, you have the possibility of communicating with the user once the interaction is over, and you can do it again whenever you want.

Why choose Messenger as a marketing tool?

The reason why Messenger is starting to take off as an effective marketing tool is very simple: You can use all the tools Facebook has to offer on the customers that we have captured by Messenger. In addition, this is a mobile app which allows you to send and receive notifications almost instantly, something very useful considering that we spend most of the day with the mobile in hand.

Companies use this tool to communicate with customers and build customer loyalty, which is crucial to gain when you’re setting yourself apart from the competition.

Consumers can also be benefited from messenger marketing. How? Well, not only will they will receive offers directly in their inbox, but these offers will be much more specialized in their tastes and needs, practically minimizing the task of finding what they want and need.

Therefore, the customer will be happy because they will find what they want much more easily and with as little effort as possible. It’s a Win-Win since both the company and consumer are closely connected with one gaining what they want from the other.

How can Messenger Marketing change your business?
If you are thinking about how you can boost your business, Messenger Marketing can become one of the best marketing tools at your disposal.

Here are some examples of how Facebook Messenger Marketing can contribute to your business.

Think of Messenger Marketing as a free tool with an enormous potential to sell your services or product. With this, you can create specific offers and a customer service channel where you can answer questions online. You can also use it to activate certain users who are standing in phases of the sales funnel and encourage their decision to buy.

I propose an example that can serve as an inspiration :

A company has a website where it sells home decor items. Take the initiative to include the Facebook Messenger icon inside the store page so that the user can contact the company via chat at any time. This, in addition provides security to the consumer, which can help them make a decision at the time of purchase, payment, shipping, etc.

A good strategy to get subscribers via Messenger is to offer a discount whenever a new customer comes to you for business. For example, give your customers 40% off whenever they like your Facebook page. In this way, the company could send offers or promotions to their customers that would interest them the most.

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