How to Improve the Quality of Facebook Lead Ads

For a long time that I was creating strategies to collect leads for my clients I was presented with quite challenging cases that required a large number of prospects with very tight budgets. Therefore, when Facebook launched Facebook Lead Ads, it was a revolution because the landing page was no longer needed, friction was greatly reduced, and the number of conversions skyrocketed. All that at an incredibly low price. It was a moment of absolute happiness, but it didn’t last long …

Because the reality that the advertisers found was that the Facebook Lead Ads generated by that route were many, but of poor quality on many occasions and that they did not even know the company that was contacting them. This generated great discontent in the commercial team that tried to achieve its objectives with the contacts we were delivering.

Therefore, and after much trial and error, today I want to talk about good practices and precautions that we must have when using Facebook Lead Ads to not only generate leads but also to be of good quality for our businesses.

The Data is Not Always Updated

You must be careful, when we talk about a form of Facebook lead Ads which can bring user data automatically, we fall into the risk of bringing old data that your target audience usually does not update:

  • The phone you have registered on Facebook is the phone with which you first opened your account on this social network, and that was more than 10 years ago, you have changed, and surely your mobile number has also done so.
  • The email with which you have your Facebook account linked is no longer the one you use, and you probably don’t even have access to it. I think that many of us created our Facebook accounts with a Hotmail that we haven’t accessed for years.

Do Not leave All Automatic Fields

Another way to raise awareness among users who are leaving their data is to leave fields open so that they have to fill them in manually and not everything comes automatically from the information that Facebook Lead Ads drag. That way, they will think twice that they are really leaving their data to a company and that they are expressing a clear interest in what they offer. Also, if you really want to be contacted, you will spend more time checking that your contact information is really correct.

Think about the Goal According to Each User

That said, think very well in requesting only the necessary information according to the phase of the funnel in which your desired users are located. As we are talking about an almost automated form, the risk of obtaining low-quality information will always be latent in our performance results.

Therefore, I recommend that in the first phase of contact with our users, we only ask for information necessary to create a later database and impact these users with more elaborate forms, which increase your commercial effectiveness when contacting them. In other words, we can use forms to generate audiences that, once qualified, generate the databases that will attack your commercial area.

You can see this practice as a funnel, where at first you reach a large group of people very possibly interested in your offer and then when pre-qualifying this audience, you can choose to reach only those who filled out the initial questions, having thus a quite effective filter to increase the quality of the users that you will contact later.

Selected Audiences

Always look for your Facebook Lead Ads only to see the right audience. It is very important that you strive to combine Facebook Lead Ads ads , with the segmentation tools that the social network itself offers, as they will allow you to impact only the right people based on their interests and their online behaviors, maximizing the capacity to provide coverage to an audience with certain needs very similar to the solution you offer them.

If you have previous databases of qualified clients (preferably more than 100) use them to create lookalike or similar audiences, what Facebook will do in this case is to look for profiles very similar to the client base you are giving, dramatically increasing the possibilities to reach an audience that will be interested in your services or products.

” Always keep in mind at what stage of the funnel the users are going to interact with your forms and build these paying special attention to the filters that we apply in your ‘ Customer Journey ‘ to then obtain a very refined database, and that be very useful for your sales process or objective. ”

Applying these techniques when creating and segmenting your campaigns focused on Facebook Lead Ads you will surely see a change almost immediately, but I invite you to not only stay in an attempt, apply filters as many times as necessary and preferably use bases of qualified data in your business to be able to expand your spectrum to relevant audiences with lookalike audiences.

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