How and When to Collaborate with Digital Influencers?

Before buying, people usually do online searches, comments, and criticisms that help them make purchasing decisions. For that reason, to sell more and better, it is essential to have positive reviews about your product or service.

It is in this context that digital influencers enter, being able to act as catalysts in this process.

That is why carrying out actions with digital influencers in these communication channels makes it possible to create an ideal image of your product. That stimulates the purchase because it creates in consumers the feeling that it is worth investing in what is being offered!

If you want to increase your results like a top advertising agency and use this strategy in your business, we have some important information that will help you. You will see below:

What is a digital influencer?
The digital influencers are people or groups that, by reaching a large number of users on social networks, manage to form opinions and lead trends. These profiles have an active voice and generally stand out in their performance niche with a large fan and fan base.

What does it take to be a digital influencer?

The number of followers is certainly one of the elements that make up the concept of digital influencer, but that is not all. One of the points in common among these personalities is the production of shocking and quality content.

Therefore, what the best influencer will need for your business strategy is the buyer persona you have defined, that is, the profile of your ideal consumer.

Not always the most popular influencer will be the ideal person for your brand. If you act on Instagram and your audience is all on Facebook, the results of sales engagement may not pay the investment costs. We’ll talk more about that in a little while!

Advantages of collaborating with a digital influencer

The advantages of agreeing to a collaboration with a digital influencer are several, and the main ones are:

Segmented public:

In each market, there is a number of digital influencers. By promoting campaigns with these profiles, you will be speaking to an audience that has characteristics very similar to your target audience.

Audience hooked:

The people who accompany the digital influencers admire the type of content that these professionals produce. Therefore, the chances of these users receiving the recommendation of a product or service are greater.

Outsourced content production:

Instead of simply producing content on your own, you can let the influencer speak on behalf of your brand.

Easy to measure results:

Unlike television, where audience meters are very limited, on the Internet, results can be measured in real-time with the help of tools such as Google Analytics.

How to negotiate with digital influencers?

To start collaborating with digital influencers right now, it is essential that you know how to negotiate with these personalities.

It is very important to know how to choose, approach, and transmit the needs of the brand.

Below we show you the step by step for this negotiation,

  1. Identify who speaks to the same audience you want to reach
  2. Select the profiles with the highest engagement
  3. Make contact directly with the influencer
  4. Offers support for content creation

How to measure the results of the collaboration?

As important as collaborating with a digital influencer, it measures the results obtained.

This measurement can be the number of people reached by the campaign, the number of sales after the promotion of the material, customer feedback, and much more.

The important thing is to understand that all these data must be analyzed.

Check out some tips to achieve good results in collaborations with digital influencers:

  1. Establish clear KPIs for action
  2. Make performance goals clear to the influencer
  3. Record all expenses incurred
  4. Analyze the impact of the action on sales
  5. Generate promotional action reports

Collaborating with digital influencers always work

Digital influencers are creating trends and influencing consumer opinion. Its audiences are segmented and truly committed, which comes as a ring to the finger of entrepreneurs and brands.

It is worth highlighting the importance of closely monitoring the actions from the beginning, analyzing each data obtained with the action.

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